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May 10, My Mother and Grandmother

So what happen today on Mother's Day we call a "God", wink at school. All of the images or ideas for The Painting a Day, I ask to come to me before I paint. My mother posted a sepia image of her and my grandmother on Facebook today. It was the last thing I thought I would paint today let alone any day. However, when I saw the photo I saw a softness. As a child I saw that softness many times but, life changed and that softness turned to anger. That anger was directed at me in many ways. That child did not understand the change and people around me tired to help me understand. But, I could not understand how my Nana, who proclaimed I was her river rat, her adventures kid, her first and oldest grandchild could be rejected. She was a painter and a good one. I remember the bedroom that was her studio. One of our last discussions we spoke about a ship painting she was working on and she was not happy because it was too dark. I remember encouraging her to follow through with it. Not sure if she did, but I am sure she is walking with Christ and enjoying his light now. I love you Nana!! God you helped me forgive her today. Thankyou!!

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